Custom Architecture Services from Brunelle Architects

Thinking about a potential project but just don’t know where to begin? No two building projects are exactly alike, and relatively few people realize how complicated it is to build until they find themselves bewildered in the intricacy of design options, building codes, zoning laws, and contractors. For many, it can seem like a giant leap of faith just to muster the courage to initiate this daunting process.

Brunelle Architects spends a great deal of time simply educating potential clients about the building process. The first and most important item to note is that Brunelle Architects does not charge for an initial consultation. Give us a call…no obligation. Sometimes it takes an architect to tell you that you don’t even need an architect for the scope of your project. On the flip side, we can tell you if your ideas are way off the mark for your budget.

There is no standardized fee structure for architects, but when we prepare a proposal our fees are typically a product of three primary factors – hours budgeted, hourly rate, and out of office expenses (usually engineering consultations and reimbursements). Our numbers are transparent so you won’t have any unwanted surprises. We can schedule an estimate several different ways depending on your budget, your detailing needs, and how many services you want us versus the other members of your project team to perform. Our jobs have ranged in size from working with clients in designing a storage shed to working with developers on multi-million dollar buildings. Our job isn’t to help you live OUR dream. It’s to help you live YOURS. We want to guide you in the process and help you find creative and economical solutions to get there.

I have been a builder for more than forty years and have worked with many architects along the way. However, I have worked with only one that I would choose to do so repeatedly and that is Mike Brunelle. He has always been fair and upfront with pricing. He works well with people, finding out where their interests lie and coming up with drawings that reflect those interests. His knowledge and ability to incorporate material such as stone, various reclaimed woods, steel and his use of Green building elements give his design beauty, warmth, distinction and sensibility. I love his work, always enjoy working with him and will soon be living in a Brunelle designed home.

– E. Dennison Holder

My home has been “reinvented” thanks to Mike’s breakthrough ideas vision and expertise…he was a pleasure to work with. He cared about, listened to and incorporated my input and ideas. Mike’s ideas and vision for the remodel/addition created my perfect retirement dream home.

– Ann Fetzer

In order to express the working relationship I enjoyed with Mike Brunelle I think it might be helpful to explain a bit about myself and how my family came to need his services.

I’m from a third generation construction family. My grandfather built churches in the upper Midwest (mostly stone), my father grew up under his father’s employment, and I followed suit. After working with my older brother in concrete construction I persued my own business, applying what I learned in Art School, to a business in decorative concrete construction. I mention this history because when I met Mike, my entire life had been entrenched in the building trades and design work. I was not convinced I needed an architect.

In February of 2009 the log home, in which I personally invested a lot of sweat equity, was totally destroyed by fire. Our insurance policy enabled a completely new rebuild, so I called a contractor friend to enlist his help but told him I wouldn’t need an architect. After some good prodding, he persuaded me to meet with an architect he thought would be a good fit.

I often think about how differently the process of rebuilding our would have gone without Mike. As it turned out, I quickly realized designing a home from scratch was no small task and that communicating specific details to multiple trades was more than I could have taken on myself. In this respect, Mike was more than capable and beyond that he was quite easy to work with. The contractor, Mike and myself met regularly for about two and a half months throwing out ideas and editing floor plans and sketches. Mike presented a refreshing professional attitude. Where each of us contributed ideas, he showed a willing acceptance to try them. And where we voted some ideas out, he could move on with a positive attitude and new ideas. The whole design process was fun. I miss it, actually, now that I’m back to the life I had before the fire.

Mike stayed with us to the end of the project with regular visits and any additional details needed along the way. He was skillful, diligent, positive, always professional, considerate and kind. Through the process he became our friend, so you could say he stayed with us in that way, too.

– Jonathan Nasvik

I wish Mike had been my architect for the original home design! Very glad he was for the remodel and new addition! Great ideas, vision and expertise — and a pleasure to work with!

Mike created an amazing seamless new addition and remodel. You’d think the house was always this way and awesome!

Brunelle Architects, Inc. is a family run business located in Hailey, Idaho. Michael Brunelle, Principal, is a licensed architect in Idaho (ID #984536), Montana (MT # 2561), Alaska (AK # 123869), Utah (#11810654-0301), Nevada (NV# 8305) and Washington (WA # 12478). The majority of his experience is working with custom residential homes in the intermountain region. He graduated Cum Laude with a Master’s in Architecture from Montana State University. Mike is a LEED accredited Green Associate and a member of AIA and NCARB. Anne Brunelle, business manager and also a principal, graduated from University of Vermont with degrees in English and Small Business. Together they operate a personalized, efficient and professional enterprise.

Through conscientious practice Brunelle Architects, Inc. strives to match a client’s dream, budget, schedule and site with a unique and dynamic architecture.

Brunelle Architects take the time to listen and understand every client’s needs and desires. We do not project a preconceived ‘look’ or ‘style’ in our design process. Instead we pride ourselves in applying form, rhythm and appropriate proportions according to situational requirements and scope of work.

We create distinctive and special spaces ranging from simple remodels to historic preservation to large scale custom residences. Our goal is to produce timeless and personal architecture.

Images and project capsules presented on our website are chosen to illustrate our diverse breadth of work, from large residences to small remodels and additions.

Here are the typical services we offer:

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Space Planning
  • Site/Topographical Analysis
  • Remodels
  • 3 Dimensional Modeling
  • Architecture Outsourcing

Brunelle Architects is a small firm with detailed and caring customer service. We execute custom designs that embrace the mountain lifestyle here in Ketchum & Sun Valley, Idaho. We specialize in a wide range of custom architectural styles that include, but are not limited to;

  • Mountain Modern Architecture
  • Contemporary Western Architecture 
  • Snow Country Architecture
  • Historic Architecture